North-South S-Bahn traffic limited until Tuesday

North-South S-Bahn traffic limited until Tuesday

S-Bahn Passengers in Berlin will have to prepare for considerable restrictions on the north-south lines until Tuesday morning. On Thursday (Dec. 16, 2021), a train derailed at Friedrichstraße station.

S-Bahn in Berlin

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A Berlin S-Bahn train pulls into Berlin-Südkreuz station. Photo: Gregor Fischer/Archive

The removal of the derailed train is taking longer than initially planned. As a spokesman announced on Friday, trains can therefore only run on one of the two tracks in the tunnel at the moment. The S1 line still runs uninterrupted and also stops at Friedrichstraße station. Trains of the S2, S25 and S26 lines do not currently run in the tunnel - the lines are interrupted between Nordbahnhof and Südkreuz and Potsdamer Platz, respectively.
"On-site investigations by authorities are still ongoing and are expected to be completed on Monday," the Deutsche Bahn spokesman said. Only then can the derailed train be removed and towed. "After that, we will repair the infrastructure, such as the damaged conductor rail." The question of why the train derailed still hasn't been answered conclusively. According to initial findings on Thursday, the federal police had ruled out any third-party influence.
Author: dpa/deepl
Publication date: 29. May 2022
Last updated: 20. December 2021

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