New exhibition shows Jewish life in Berlin

New exhibition shows Jewish life in Berlin

History and stories from Jewish life in Berlin are shown in the exhibition "Recounting Jewish Berlin. Mine, Yours, Ours?"

Kulturstaatsministerin Roth besucht die Neue Synagoge

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Claudia Roth (2nd from left), Minister of State for Culture and Media, visits the New Synagogue.

Until June 12, the exhibition will present everyday objects, photos, paintings, memories and family biographies that have been made available to the Centrum Judaicum.
The organizers name three temporal occasions for the new ehxibition: It celebrates 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany, the 350th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Jewish community in Berlin, and - with a delay of one year due to the Coronavirus pandemic - the 25th anniversary of the Centrum Judaicum.
State Minister for Culture Claudia Roth came to the Centrum Judaicum after visiting the Holocaust Memorial. She stated that the historical and cultural educational work of both institutions were an indispensable contribution to the understanding of Jewish cultural heritage in Germany: "With their diverse educational offerings on Jewish history, culture, and the present, these unique places of learning, encounter and remembrance build important bridges between Jewish and non-Jewish parts of our society. This is how the future can be shaped through memory."
Earlier, at the Holocaust Memorial, Roth commemorated the approximately six million Jews murdered by the Nazis. "This memorial is an expression of Germany's responsibility for the murder of six million Jewish children, women, and men," Roth said. "Out of this responsibility grows our task to continuously renew the collective memory, to continue to consistently come to terms with the crimes committed by the Nazis, and to resolutely stand up against anti-Semitism and racism." Anti-Semitism and racism are not opinions, Roth stated, "but the perpetual expression of a profoundly inhuman and violent ideology." She emphasised the reponsibility of every individual during times "when right-wing extremism and racism become more and more rampant, when attacks with anti-Semitic motivations reach frightening frequencies, or when Israel's right to exist is questioned. All of this is poison for our democracy."
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