WW2 bomb: 15,000 Berliners have to leave their homes on Sunday

WW2 bomb: 15,000 Berliners have to leave their homes on Sunday

After the discovery of an aerial bomb, thousands of people in the Berlin districts of Reinickendorf and Mitte will have to leave their homes on Sunday.

World war bomb

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Symbolic picture: World war bomb

A total of 15,000 people have been urged to clear an exclusion zone within 500 metres of where the bomb was found on Iranische Straße from 6am on Sunday (12 December 2021), a city spokesman said.

Severe traffic disruptions expected

Police officers will evacuate the area from early morning before the bomb is defused during the day. The Jewish Hospital in the Gesundbrunnen district and an old people's home will also have to be evacuated, and life will be in danger within the exclusion zone. Public transport in the area will be suspended during the work, and severe traffic restrictions are expected on the roads.
All residents of an area bounded by Residenzstraße and Reginhardstraße in the north, Osloer Straße and Drontheimer Straße in the east, Reinickendorfer Straße and Nauener Platz in the south, and Seestraße and Groninger Straße in the west are affected. It includes Wedding, Gesundbrunnen and Reinickendorf.

Assembly points are set up

According to the city, those who can should stay with friends or relatives over the weekend. All others can seek refuge in the city's shelters: they should arrive at assembly points around the exclusion zone by 11.30 a.m. at the latest. Pets are not allowed in the shelters, according to information provided on Tuesday. The assembly points are located at Osloer Straße 36-37, Reinickendorfer Straße opposite numbers 71-73 and at Seestraße 80.

City: Look out for neighbours in need of help

The city also asks all residents to report information about neighbours in need of help to the Mitte district office. Separate accommodation is to be provided for people who have contracted the coronavirus or who are in quarantine. They can contact a hotline of the district office. The hotline can be reached from 8 to 11 December from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on 12 December from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at (030) 9018 46 660 or by email at bombenfund@ba-mitte.berlin.de . The 250-kilogram bomb from World War II had been found on 19 November on the grounds of the Jewish Hospital. According to the city, the preparation for the defusing took several weeks because of the enormous logistical effort.
Author: dpa/deepl.com
Publication date: 20. May 2022
Last updated: 8. December 2021

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