Fireworks banned in Steinmetzkiez and on Alexanderplatz

Fireworks banned in Steinmetzkiez and on Alexanderplatz

The federal and state governments agreed at a conference of minister presidents (MPK) in Berlin on Thursday to once again ban the sale of firecrackers and fireworks on New Year's Eve. According to the interior administration, the exact zones where firecrackers will be banned on New Year's Eve have not yet been determined.


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Ein Polizeiwagen steht an einer Absperrung am Alexanderplatz.

There will also be a ban on fireworks in places that attract large numbers of people. "We have already announced two ban zones, the Steinmetzkiez in Schöneberg and Alexanderplatz," a spokesman for the Interior Department told the German Press Agency on December 02, 2021. "In these two places, a fireworks ban was already in place last year." He added that it was not yet possible to say which other zones would be added to the list. "We have waited for the MPK announcements. We are now reviewing those and looking at which areas to add," the spokesman continued. "We are expecting to go back to the way we did last year."
Last year, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the purchase of fireworks was banned throughout Germany. In addition, the Senate had established 54 zones where fireworks were prohibited in large squares, streets and parks. Loitering was also prohibited there. For 2021, the two firecracker ban zones that were already announced are only indirectly related to the pandemic. In these two cases, the prohibition is based on danger prevention and meant to ensure general safety and order, According to the interior administration, the ban zones serve to protect police and firefighters as well as other people in the area.

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