Red-Green-Red coalition agreement finalized

Red-Green-Red coalition agreement finalized

After around five weeks of negotiations, the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Green Party and the Left Party in Berlin has been finalized.

Franziska Giffey

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Franziska Giffey (SPD), Bettina Jarasch (Bündnis90/Die Grünen), and Katina Schubert (Die Linke) talk to the press.

"There is a political agreement on all outstanding points in the coalition agreement for the formation of a new Berlin state government," the designated governing mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) wrote on Instagram on Sunday (Nov. 28, 2021). "I am relieved," said Giffey, "a thousand thanks to everyone who worked, organized, prepared and struggled to find the best political path for Berlin."

Coalition agreement to be officially presented on Monday

According to the SPD chairwoman and former federal family minister, the text is in its final editing stages. On Monday, the coalition agreement will be presented as announced. At that time, the allocation of departments in the new Senate should be finalized and the question of which party will receive how many senatorial posts will be answered. Giffey is expected to take over the mayor's chair in Berlin city hall.
Over the weekend, negotiators from the three parties, which have been governing together in the capital since 2016, were still discussion the final open points in the new government program.

Approval of party comittees still pending

The government program still needs to be approved by the party committees and, in the case of the Left Party, the party members. The decisive party congresses are scheduled for December 5 for the SPD and December 12 for the Green Party. The membership vote for the Left Party is to take place from December 3 to 17. If everything goes smoothly, Giffey wants to be elected governing mayor in the House of Representatives on December 21.
In the election of the Berlin House of Representatives on September 26, the SPD had become the strongest force despite its historically worst result of 21.4 percent, ahead of the stronger Green Party as well as the CDU and the Left Party. After a lengthy exploratory process, during other alliance options were discussed, the three parties finally began coalition negotiations.

First program points already known

During the talks, many parts of the political program for this new legislative period until 2026 were already presented. The list of projects includes the expansion of local public transport, more efforts for climate protection, the construction of 20,000 new apartments per year, a more citizen-friendly administration, and more video surveillance in high-crime areas.

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