Significantly cooler temperatures at the start of the week

Significantly cooler temperatures at the start of the week

Temperatures in Berlin and Brandenburg will be noticeably cooler at the start of the new week.

Frostiges Wetter in Berlin

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After up to ten degrees Celsius on Sunday, temperatures will only reach a maximum of six degrees on Monday (November 22, 2021), according to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Potsdam. Light ground frost is expected during the night to Tuesday, with temperatures between plus one and minus two degrees Celsius.
After some initial rain or drizzle in the southern parts of the region, the weather will remain mostly cloudy but without precipitation on Tuesday and Wednesday. During the day, temperatures will reach a maximum of seven degrees on Tuesday and eight degrees on Wednesday. The night to Wednesday will remain largely frost-free with temperatures of five to one degrees Celsius.
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Frühling in Berlin 2019
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