Green Week 2022 takes place in the 2G model

Green Week 2022 takes place in the 2G model

The Green Week Berlin, the world's biggest trade fair for food, agriculture and gardening, will open its doors at the end of January for visitors who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from a Covid infection.

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Managing director Martin Ecknig told the radio station RBB 88.8 on Tuesday (2 November 2021) that 2G rules will apply during the Green Week 2022. Guests will thus be able to move freely after entering the halls and once again pet animals, smell flowers and taste food and drinks as usual.

No mandatory face masdks during Green Week 2022

In mid-September, the fair had already announced that it would reopen the Green Week to visitors from January 21 to 30, 2022, after an online edition in 2021. It was not yet clear whether people with negative Corona test results should also have access. The fair has now decided against it. Under 2G rules, visitors do not have to wear face masks and more visitors are allowed to enter.
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