Bode-Museum casts a «second glance» on women in its collection

Bode-Museum casts a «second glance» on women in its collection

The Bode-Museum Berlin is opening up new perspectives on art treasures in its collection with a series entitled "The Second Glance".


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The series aims to invite visitors to engage with the museum's permanent exhibition through topical themes. After a first part entitled "Varieties of Love" there are now six routes through the Bode-Museum, that cast a special glance on the female gender.
The team led by curator María López-Fanjul y Díez del Corral looks at the role of women in European history or at images from biblical and Christian narratives. One route, for example, leads past Donatello's famous marble work "Madonna and Child" from 1420, in which the focus is not on the Mother of God with little Jesus, but on a woman as a young mother with her son.
Depictions of men who do not conform to gender stereotypes are also thematized. One of the paths, for example, passes by remains of the old wooden work "Birth of Christ", which takes up Joseph's function as an obstetrician of an illegitimate child of his partner. The bust "Madame Récamier" by Joseph Chinard shows the French salonnière Julie Récamier (1777-1849) who decided herself on the form of her representation - unusual for women at that time. She converted her beauty into political influence. This became too much for the ruler Napoleon. who had the salon closed and sent Récamier into exile.
Some objects are accompanied by short videos in which women such as the German Army officer Anastasia Biefang, the rabbi Gesa Shira Ederberg, the nurse Angelika Müller, the entrepreneur and model Sara Nuru, the professor Mira Sievers, the doctor Jenny de la Torre or the choreographer Sasha Waltz engage with the artworks, their view of them and their own role as women in today's world.
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