Tesla receives two more partial permits for factory construction

Tesla receives two more partial permits for factory construction

The electric car manufacturer Tesla has received two more preliminary approvals for the construction of its factory in Grünheide near Berlin.

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The preliminary approvals include the construction of further parts of the wastewater pretreatment plant and the installation of technical building equipment in the area of the central supply and disposal building, according to the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment. The construction of pipe bridges with pipes, fittings and pumps have also been approved by the State Office for the Environment.
With these two decisions and the approval of the early start, the approval authority has reportedly decided on all applications under Section 8a of the Federal Immission Control Act.

Operational readiness testing continues

The testing of the operability of equipment in the foundry and paint shop area, some of which has already been approved, is also allowed to continue. For this purpose, temporary auxiliary equipment such as compressors, coolers, cylinder bundles for storage of technical gases and heating centers may be used. In particular, pressure tests on various cables and containers and testing of various parts of the paint shop are permitted.

Tesla has been building its new factory relying only on preliminary approvals so far. The final environmental permit for the entire project is still pending. Environmentalists fear negative consequences for nature and scarcity of drinking water resulting from the construction of the new factory plant.

Online discussion of objections to Tesla plant will be repeated

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the objections raised during an online consultation that ended on October 14 are currently being examined. Starting November 2, the online consultation will be repeated for legal certainty reasons. Following more than 800 objections raised during the debate between late September andd mid-October, environmental associations had accused the state of publicizing it too late. The state environmental agency had then decided to repeat the procedure. The Ministry of Environment, however, spoke of a legal interpretation that differed from the previous interpretation.
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First Tesla to leave the production line at the end of 2021

Originally, production of e-cars was to begin at the beginning of July, but Tesla is now aiming for the end of the year. The start of production had been delayed because the company added a battery factory to its application for approval. According to head of government Dietmar Woidke, the decision on the final approval of the Tesla factory is conceivable this year. Production plans call for up to 500,000 cars per year in the first phase.

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