Jewish Garden opened in the Gardens of the World

Jewish Garden opened in the Gardens of the World

On Tuesday, the Jewish Garden in the Gardens of the World in Marzahn-Hellersdorf was ceremonially opened. The garden provides insight into Jewish traditions and ways of life.

  • Jüdischer Garten in den Gärten der Welt (1)© Lichtschwärmer
  • Jüdischer Garten in den Gärten der Welt (2)© Lichtschwärmer
On Tuesday (Oct. 19, 2021), a new garden has been opened in the Gardens of the World. Senator Regine Günther inaugurated the Jewish Garden together with representatives of the Jewish community and the sponsoring foundations. It is the world's first Jewish garden in a park. Joining the Christian Garden and the Oriental Garden, the opening of the Jewish Garden means all three major monotheistic religions are now represented in the Gardens of the World.

Exploring Jewish life through plants

In almost 2,000 square meters, visitors can gain an insight into the diversity of Jewish life and learn more about the history of Judaism. The Jewish Garden mainly features plants that are part of the history and culture of Jewish life. This includes the fact that for the Jewish Diaspora, a small piece of earth often had to suffice as a garden on which useful and ornamental plants as well as plants for ceremonial use were grown. Two pavilions by the artist Manfred Pernice invite visitors to linger.

Interactive guided tours on Sunday

On Sunday (Oct. 24, 2021), two free interactive guided tours will focus on the plants of the Jewish Garden. Participants can perceive the plants with all their senses, learn about Jewish environmental ethics, Jewish literature and Jewish traditions, and engage with the history of German-Jewish relations. Tours last 90 minutes and take place at 10.30 am and 2 pm. Those interested can register online.
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