Part of Friedrichstraße to be permanently car-free

Part of Friedrichstraße to be permanently car-free

Friedrichstraße in Berlin is to remain permanently car-free on the approximately 500-meter-long section between Französische Straße and Leipziger Straße. This was announced by the Senate Department for Environment and Transport on Friday. According to the results of an interim evaluation, the corresponding traffic trial for the "Friedrichstraße pedestrian zone", which started at the end of August 2020 and will end in two weeks, has been successful. Traffic administration and the district of Mitte have agreed that there should be no car traffic there in the future.


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A woman rides an e-scooter on the car-free section of Friedrichstraße.

"Friedrichstraße should permanently remain an attractive place for people," said Transport Senator Regine Günther (Green Party). "The results of the traffic trial show that the overwhelming majority of passers-by prefer a car-free Friedrichstraße." The traffic administration plans to submit a corresponding application to the Mitte district. Friedrichstraße will also reportedly remain car-free during the trial, which is expected to last six months.
"We want to redesign the attractiveness of this prominent Berlin area and its surroundings together with Berlin residents," Günther said. "With more greenery and places to stroll and linger, adapted to global warming, very accessible, but without private cars." The model project was originally scheduled to run until the end of January and had then been extended until the end of October.
The conservative party CDU criticized the announcement that the area of Friedrichstraße is to permanently remain free of cars: "There is a lack of space for pedestrians, the bicycle highway is anything but a pedestrian zone. Car traffic has shifted to other streets," said CDU traffic policy spokesman Oliver Friederici. "Whoever seriously speaks of a 'complete success' and want the trial model to become the permanent solution is denying reality."
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The Green Party made it clear that they had wanted the project to go through from the beginning. "We demand surveys and evaluations by independent experts and institutes. Before that, a fait accompli must not be created."

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