Berlin passes «Clean Kitchen Act»

Berlin passes «Clean Kitchen Act»

In Berlin, it should become much easier to find out about compliance with hygiene regulations in restaurants, cafés, bakeries, snack bars or canteens, for example.

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In future, customers will be able to get a quick overview with the help of a bar chart in the entrance area with a colour gradient from green to yellow to red.

«Transparency Barometer» will apply from 2023

On it, an arrow marks how the official food inspection assesses the restaurant or café. The publication obligation for the «Transparency Barometer» applies from the beginning of 2023. The House of Representatives passed the law on 02 September 2021 with the votes of the SPD, the Greens and the Left as well as the AfD. The CDU and FDP abstained. Justice and Consumer Protection Senator Dirk Behrendt (Greens) reminded the plenum of cases in which pieces of fish in drawers, food leftovers on the floor, cockroaches in kitchen corners or mouse droppings in storage rooms were discovered in restaurants. «This should not be allowed to happen.» The new law now creates more transparency about compliance with hygiene regulations.
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Berlin pioneers the «Clean Kitchen Act»

Experiences from other countries have shown direct effects: In Denmark, the number of complaints had halved in ten years. The SPD explained that the law's entry into force at the beginning of 2023 would give businesses enough time to prepare. This would also allow small businesses to prepare. The Left Party pointed out that Berlin was once again breaking new ground nationwide with the law. «We would have preferred it even more if the federal government had done so.» Senator Behrendt expressly agreed with this: He said it was a mystery to him why the federal government had not done anything about this for years. In his view, a federal regulation would be an even better alternative.

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