No deal: Another train driver strike possible

No deal: Another train driver strike possible

There are no signs of a solution to the collective bargaining dispute at Deutsche Bahn, even after last week's strike. It is possible that the train drivers will stop working again.

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However, no new strike has been announced yet. A protest rally in front of the Deutsche Bahn headquarters in Berlin today (17 August 2021) is intended to build up further pressure. After that, it will only be a "very short time" before there is another strike, the German Train Drivers' Union (GDL) announced last week. The GDL and its umbrella organisation, the German Civil Servants' Association, are calling for the rally. Its head, Ulrich Silberbach, had said on Monday that there would probably have to be further strike actions. According to the police, the civil servants' association has registered 75 participants for the rally.

Weselsky had assured that passengers would have longer to prepare for a strike than the first time. At that time, only 15 hours passed from the announcement to the two-day industrial action. He also indicated that the next strike could last longer and include a weekend.
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