With PCR test: Berlin wants to open clubs for pilot project

With PCR test: Berlin wants to open clubs for pilot project

Kitkat, Renate, SO36: Several clubs in Berlin are to be allowed to reopen indoors for a pilot test - the guests are to have a PCR test in advance.


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Under the scientific supervision of the Charité, the project is to show whether and how dance events in clubs "can be safe in the future, even under pandemic conditions", the Senate Cultural Administration announced on 30 July 2021. Six clubs are to take part, including Kitkat, Renate and SO36 in Kreuzberg. The project is to run from Friday evening to Sunday noon (6 to 8 August). Around 2000 visitors will be admitted. They will be tested for the coronavirus in advance using PCR instead of rapid tests.
For example, no distinction should be made whether people have already been vaccinated. Everyone would have to go through the proposed testing strategy, the statement said. Berlin had already launched a pilot project for culture in March. At that time, the Philharmonic Orchestra played in front of about 1000 people despite the lockdown.
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Unlike in concert halls and theatres, neither distance rules nor a mask requirement can be implemented at a club night, the senate administration said. Therefore, the "generation of a temporary SARS-CoV-2-free cohort" for 48 hours is the most important component of the pilot event. Those who participate are to be tested a few hours before the start of the project and a few days afterwards.

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