Front bus door opens again: contactless payment

Front bus door opens again: contactless payment

From Monday, passengers on BVG buses will again be able to board at the front and buy tickets in the vehicle. However, payment will only work contactless and without cash, as BVG announced on 08 July 2021.

Note for BVG passengers

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12.03.2020, Berlin: A sign on the BVG M29 bus advises passengers to use the rear doors to board.

A pilot trial will start on Monday. For the permanent introduction, BVG will submit a tariff application to the tariff approval authority, it said. At the end of April, BVG had already officially announced the opening of the front bus doors, which have been closed since March 2020 due to the Corona pandemic. However, after protests by the trade union Verdi because of the then still high infection figures, the transport companies initially backed off from the plan.
Now BVG announced that measurements at the driver's workplace of the different bus types had not detected any increased aerosol concentration in the air in the past weeks. After evaluating the results, the BVG board and staff representatives agreed this week to allow front boarding and ticket sales again. With a valid ticket, passengers could also continue to board through the rear doors. The partitions between the driver and the passenger area, which were set up during the pandemic, are to remain.
According to BVG, it hopes that cashless ticket sales will save time. Payment can be made by EC card, credit card or smartphone technologies such as Apple or Google Pay. BVG is also planning a system with a prepaid card that can be loaded with money and then used on the bus to buy tickets. However, a BVG spokeswoman said it was still unclear when the card would be introduced.
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