Supply situation becomes critical: Blood donors urgently needed

Supply situation becomes critical: Blood donors urgently needed

Berlin's Charité is lifting its Corona restrictions and wants to catch up on postponed operations with immediate effect. However, there is a shortage of blood reserves for the restart of the clinic's operations. The Charité therefore urges people to go and donate blood.


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"The infection figures are declining and yet the pandemic is not yet over for Charité," said Martin Kreis, Chief Medical Officer of Charité, on 24 June 2021. "We are still caring for almost 50 seriously ill patients in our intensive care units, 20 of whom are on artificial lungs. Covid-19 will remain an issue at Charité for a very long time to come."

Charité staff doubly vaccinated for the most part

Nevertheless, it is now possible to resume regular hospital operations, which were previously restricted during the pandemic. The fact that scheduled treatments are now possible is due, among other things, to progress in vaccination. Most of the Charité staff have already been vaccinated twice, Kreis said. In addition, there are elaborate hygiene concepts. That is why the Charité can now offer almost all treatments as it did before the pandemic. "This is important because many patients had to wait a long time for their treatment," Kreis added. Furthermore, there are also many emergencies beyond the pandemic.

Supply situation with blood donations critical

"What worries us at the moment is that with the start of the summer holidays, the supply situation for vital blood donations is already clearly critical," Kreis said. "This affects us, but other hospitals as well." He added that blood supplies are always needed for scheduled procedures and emergencies. "I can only call on all people to urgently donate blood and thus make a solidarity-based contribution to the care of patients."
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DRK blood donation barometer shows shortages

The Charité has two blood donation institutes, one on the Charité Mitte campus and one on the Virchow-Klinikum campus in Wedding. There are also numerous other ways to donate, for example through the German Red Cross. Their blood donation barometer for Germany's northeast is already showing shortages at the moment - especially for rare blood groups like 0- and A-. But the supply situation is not good for A+,B+ and B- either. Furthermore, the shelf life of donated blood is limited. The heat of the past week and the beginning of the summer holidays had already led to a decline in donations.

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