Berlin commits to Europe and amends state constitution

Berlin commits to Europe and amends state constitution

Berlin has amended its state constitution and in Article 1 commits itself to a united Europe that is committed to democratic, constitutional and social principles. This was decided by the House of Representatives on Thursday with the votes of the Red-Red-Green coalition as well as the CDU and FDP against those of the AfD.


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Klaus Lederer (Die Linke), Senator for Culture, speaks at a plenary session of the Berlin House of Representatives. In a question-and-answer session, the topic is "Including Europe in the state constitution: important signal for Europawoche (Europe Week)".

Members of parliament from various parties, from the Greens to the CDU, explained at the plenary session that many challenges, such as climate change, could be met neither in Berlin nor in Germany, but only in Europe. CDU parliamentary party leader Burkard Dregger said that it was not enough to add a European clause to the constitution. It was important to fill this step with life. The CDU politician suggested extending the teaching of European languages in Berlin and the European schools to all districts.
Stefan Förster of the FDP demanded that the idea of Europe be carried even more into the Berlin administration. "Europe is often still a compulsory task," he criticised. More projects like the current Europe Week are needed. Klaus Lederer (Left), Senator for Culture and Europe, expressly agreed with Förster: "There is more to be done," he said. EU policy must be experienced on the ground. And even those who have only a vague or critical image of the EU should be involved in debates, said the Berlin mayor.
Hugh Bronson of the AfD rejected the motion on behalf of his group as superfluous. "Berlin's commitment to a united Europe makes as much sense as the Hamburg Geographical Society's commitment to a united Arctic," he said. "Both are without consequences." Bronson criticised the EU as an "institution with a striking democratic deficit" and said: "Our guarantor for peace is not the EU, but NATO."

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