Initiative collects signatures for "car-free" city centre

Initiative collects signatures for "car-free" city centre

An initiative has been collecting signatures since Sunday for a widespread ban on car traffic in Berlin's city centre.

Demonstration "Berlin car-free"

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A poster with the inscription "end cars" was attached to the handlebars of a bicycle by a participant in a demonstration of the referendum "Berlin car-free".

It wants to push through a bill that declares almost all streets within the S-Bahn ring as car-reduced areas. According to the bill, citizens would only be allowed to use a motor vehicle privately up to twelve times a year - for transporting heavy or bulky goods or for holiday trips. Exceptions will be made for buses and taxis, commercial and delivery traffic, police and fire brigades, and people with limited mobility.
A few hundred supporters demonstrated for the demands on Sunday (25 April 2021) on Leipziger Straße. The ADAC motorists' association had previously criticised: "This initiative is a step towards abolishing civil liberties." The demands were unrealistic and their implementation would require a lot of bureaucracy. The cyclists' association ADFC, on the other hand, supports the initiative.
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The initiative "Volksentscheid Berlin autofrei" wants to collect at least 20,000 signatures by September in order to initiate a referendum. If the House of Representatives does not adopt the initiative, a referendum will follow in 2022. If the required 170,000 signatures are collected, all Berliners would be called upon to vote on the bill in a referendum in 2023.

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