Brandenburg asparagus: Only small quantities expected at Easter

Brandenburg asparagus: Only small quantities expected at Easter

Brandenburg's asparagus farmers look to the sun with hope: warm rays promise a good harvest. But so far the white spears are growing hesitantly. Only small quantities are expected at Easter.


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Harvested asparagus lies in a box in a field.

"So far we are only expecting very small quantities for the harvest," said Jürgen Jakobs, chairman of the Beelitz asparagus association. Over the holidays, asparagus will be sold almost exclusively in the asparagus farmers' farm shops. So far, the yield from Brandenburg will not be sufficient for the trade.
The seasonal workers from Poland and Romania are ready, said Jakobs. Of the approximately 3,500 helpers needed in the asparagus farms, about half had already arrived. About 20 per cent of the workers came from Poland, the rest from Romania. "In view of last year's bad experience, precautions have been taken this time," said Jakobs. At the start of the season, some of the helpers could not travel by land because of the Corona pandemic and strict quarantine conditions. The travel costs increased enormously for the employers, and there was also a lack of asparagus pickers.
According to the information, some of the workers have already arrived at the farms in the Marches. Where planned, they will plant new asparagus fields. Where this is not possible, the workers have free time until the harvest starts. During this time, when they cannot work and do not receive a wage, the farmer pays for their board and lodging and gives them a small allowance. Asparagus workers from Georgia are expected for the first time - a total of 5000 for the states of Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg. The first agricultural workers for Brandenburg are expected to arrive at the beginning of next week.
"We now need a few warm days with temperatures around 15 to 20 degrees," said Jakobs. Then the asparagus can "shoot" 6 to 8 centimetres. In the past five weeks, the films had provided good warmth in the dams. The forecast for the time after Easter predicts rather cool weather. Every degree and every ray of sunshine is crucial now, he said. According to current plans, the season should officially open in Brandenburg on 8 April.
Last year, according to the Berlin-Brandenburg State Office for Statistics, the harvest in Brandenburg fell by 17 per cent to around 19 100 tonnes compared to 2019. The yield area had expanded by around seven per cent to about 4000 hectares, a record size.

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