Berlin museums remain closed over Easter

Berlin museums remain closed over Easter

Berlin's museums that are already open will also have to remain closed over Easter due to Corona.

Neues Museum

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Visitors wearing face masks stand by the bust of Nefertiti in the Neues Museum.

"We want to have standstill there," said Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller, "no gallery or museum visit will do either." The SPD politician pointed out on Tuesday that the country was "still" in a crisis. The state museums have already announced that they will postpone the second stage of opening more museums, which was planned for 1 April.

Pilot project on culture to be continued

According to Müller, the pilot project with various theatres, in which the Philharmoniker, the Berliner Ensemble and the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, for example, as well as the Club Commission are participating with a concert, is not affected until Easter. Over the Easter holidays, however, this will not be possible either. "This will have to be postponed," said Müller.
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Integration of hotels and catering businesses planned

The head of government announced that such pilot projects would be extended to hotels and restaurants. "If we want to somehow get out of this loop of open, close, open, close, we have to develop a feeling for it: How can I secure normality?", Müller said. For this, experience with such pilot projects must be gathered.

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