Berlin police officers to be equipped with bodycams

Berlin police officers to be equipped with bodycams

Berlin police officers as well as firefighters and paramedics will in future wear so-called bodycams on their uniforms in order to be able to film and record certain operations. This is provided for in the revised Police Act (ASOG), which was passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday (11 March 2021) with the votes of the red-red-green coalition.

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The police officers are supposed to start a recording with the small cameras when situations become problematic or escalate, for example during controls or demonstrations. In this way, it can later be determined how the respective police officer and his counterpart behaved. This also applies to firefighters and other rescue workers, who have been repeatedly attacked recently. For years, the SPD, the Left and the Greens had controversially discussed the amendment to the law. In addition to the body cams, it contains various new regulations on tasks, responsibilities and investigation possibilities, especially for the police.
In future, a judge will have to decide on the use of so-called confidential informants (V-Leute); up to now, this requirement has not applied. In the case of acute danger or suspected terrorism, investigators can listen to telephone conversations and read chats. This must be ordered by the police chief, who must also obtain judicial authorisation. The law restricts the right of the police to enter private residences, for example in the case of noise complaints, and to certain unprovoked checks. The so-called preventive detention, i.e. temporary detention on suspicion, is reduced from a maximum of four to two days.
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When defining places with a lot of crime, where the police have more rights for controls, aspects such as violations of the Residence Act by foreigners and legal prostitution are to play no role in future. Police officers are now legally obliged to wear either their family name or a service number. Until now, this was regulated differently. The expansion of video surveillance in public places with a lot of crime, which was desired by Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD), was not included in the bill. The Left and the Greens rejected this. Also not planned are the introduction of an electronic ankle bracelet for so-called dangerous persons and a concrete regulation on the final rescue shot for the police.

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