It's getting uncomfortable: Storm, thunderstorms and rain in Berlin

It's getting uncomfortable: Storm, thunderstorms and rain in Berlin

Heavy rain heralds the coming of stormy weather in Berlin and Brandenburg.


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No damage had been caused as of Thursday morning (11 March 2021), according to the police. The German Weather Service in Potsdam has forecast partly heavy squalls, thunderstorms and rain and sleet showers until Friday evening.
According to the forecast, gale-force winds with wind speeds of between 65 and 80 kilometres per hour are expected to occur as early as midday on Thursday, especially in the north-western half of Brandenburg and in the Berlin area. This corresponds to wind force eight to nine. In the Prignitz region, local gusts of up to 100 km/h are expected in the vicinity of showers and thunderstorms. From the Elster to Lusatia, gusts of wind can reach force seven, and up to nine in the vicinity of showers. Temperatures will rise to between eight and eleven degrees.
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