550,000 fare dodgers caught in 2020

550,000 fare dodgers caught in 2020

Almost 550,000 people were caught driving without a valid ticket in Berlin's underground trains, buses and suburban trains last year.


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Passengers get on and off an S-Bahn train at Alexanderplatz.

Of these, the Berlin public transport company BVG had just under 250,000 cases in which the fine of 60 euros was imposed, according to an answer from the Senate to a question from the Left Party. That was 94,000 fewer than in the previous year (-27 per cent). The reason was the Corona pandemic. Because fewer people rode buses and trains, BVG also checked fewer: only almost 7 million passengers in 2020 instead of 11.4 million checks as in the previous year. In total, BVG recorded 728 million journeys with its means of transport.

10 million controls on the S-Bahn

At the S-Bahn, a similar number of checks were carried out as in 2019 and, accordingly, a similar number of fare evaders were caught: around 300,000 out of almost 10 million checks. Between three and four per cent of the passengers checked by BVG and S-Bahn each had no ticket in 2020.
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