Sunshine and up to 15 degrees at the weekend

Sunshine and up to 15 degrees at the weekend

In Berlin and Brandenburg the week ends with some clouds, but also sun in the sky.

Sunrise in Berlin

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In the morning, the sun colours the sky behind the TV tower red.

According to the German Weather Service on Thursday (18 February 2021), dense clouds are only to be expected in the Uckermark region. With temperatures between 6 and 11 degrees it will remain dry everywhere in the country.

Friday cloudy in many places

On Friday, however, dense clouds will hang in the sky in many places during the first half of the day with highs of 11 degrees. In the east of Brandenburg rain is possible in the morning.

Sunday: Sun and up to 15 degrees

According to meteorologists, the start of the weekend will also be cloudy on Saturday. However, the skies will clear up during the day with temperatures between 9 and 13 degrees. On Sunday, the sun will shine in Berlin and Brandenburg with temperatures of up to 15 degrees.
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Sommer in Berlin
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