S-Bahn: Only every 3rd seat occupied during rush hour

S-Bahn: Only every 3rd seat occupied during rush hour

Passengers currently have plenty of space in Berlin's S-Bahn, according to the company.


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A suburban train of line S5 arrives at a station.

"Even during peak hours, the average seat occupancy rate is only about 30 per cent and standing room only about 10 per cent," the company said on Wednesday (17 February 2021) in an answer to a question by Kristian Ronneburg (Linke).
According to the report, the Corona epidemic also led to a slump in passenger numbers last year. In spring 2020, it was less than 40 per cent of the usual level, in summer and autumn 60 to 70 per cent, the company estimates. The situation was similar for buses, underground trains and trams: For the year as a whole, Berlin's public transport operators expect to have achieved 65 per cent of the passenger journeys of the previous year.
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