«Miss You» wants to make artists visible again

«Miss You» wants to make artists visible again

With an exhibition in the public space of several cities, 18 photographers from the Berlin agency Ostkreuz want to make artists visible in the Corona Lockdown.

Katharina Thalbach

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The actress Katharina Thalbach, among others, was portrayed for the exhibition.

For a fortnight in March, light boxes in Berlin, Hamburg and Baden-Baden will be filled with photographs from the exhibition called «Miss You». The Ostkreuz team portrayed celebrities in their Corona seclusion, such as actress Katharina Thalbach in a bathtub on a meadow, actor Lars Eidinger behind a pane of glass, artist Anne Imhof, photographer Thomas Struth, singer Max Raabe and oboist Cristina Gómez Godoy.

Signs of life from the artists

According to information from Berlin on Thursday, the 52 portrayed also include lesser-known faces from the independent cultural scene such as jazz trombonists, DJs, choreographers, music producers and puppeteers. «Miss You» is a sign of life for the artists and signals: «We miss you and look forward to seeing you again soon.»

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