Weather at the weekend: Icy cold and snowy

Weather at the weekend: Icy cold and snowy

Berliners and Brandenburgers should dress warmly: At the weekend (05 to 07 February 2021) it will be freezing cold with up to minus 12 degrees at night.

Winter in Berlin

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In addition, there will be permafrost during the day at up to minus 8 degrees, and even snowdrifts are possible in some places on Sunday, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). A relatively calm weather situation is initially expected for Saturday: hardly any precipitation and from the northeast, clearing up almost all the time. Only in the Fläming region can dense clouds be seen in the sky until the evening. The maximum temperatures will be just below freezing. 
The weather will change in the night to Sunday: According to the forecasts, snowfall and a risk of icy conditions are expected in Fläming and Lower Lusatia. The north-east of the country will remain dry at night. However, frost between minus 5 and minus 10 degrees is possible.
During the day, it will continue with permafrost at up to minus 8 degrees. Unlike the north of Brandenburg, which is expected to remain snow-free, it may snow again and again, especially in the south of the region. It will also snow in Berlin during the course of the day. Gusts of wind, some of them gale-force, with drifting snow cannot be ruled out. The night to Monday will be somewhat calmer again, but with temperatures between minus 8 and minus 12 degrees even icier than the nights before.
Zwei Personen an einem See im Winter
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