New lions to be seen at the zoo for the first time

New lions to be seen at the zoo for the first time

The young trio of lions at Berlin Zoo explored the outdoor enclosure of their enclosure for the first time on Monday (7 December 2020). The African lions Elsa, Hanna and Mateo, who are just under one year old, can now be seen by visitors, the Zoo announced.

Neue Löwen erstmals im Zoo zu sehen

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The photo shows the lions Hanna (l-r), Elsa and Mateo. The almost one year old African lions can now also be seen by the visitors.

"The three lions have settled in well with us and are - I have to admit at this point - simply enchanting," said Zoo Director Andreas Knieriem. The animals moved from Leipzig to Berlin on 20 November. They spent the first period of settling in in the indoor enclosures. Outside they have heated rock caves and space to romp in the sand, among other things. The historic lion enclosure from 1936 has been modernised in recent months. "With the young half-breeds really coming alive, we can hardly wait to open the modernised predator house to our guests," adds Knieriem. The Berlin zoo and animal park are still open. However, the aquarium and all animal houses are currently closed as a corona precaution.
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