Weather forecast: First snow possible on Thursday

Weather forecast: First snow possible on Thursday

Berliners and Brandenburgers should be prepared for constantly cooler, single-digit temperatures this week. According to the German Weather Service, it will remain rainy and very cloudy. Towards the end of the week, temperatures are expected to drop to zero degrees, with snowfall possible.

Schneefall in Berlin

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The dense clouds will remain over Berlin and Brandenburg on Tuesday, with occasional light rain, especially in the northern parts of the country. The maximum values are now only four to eight degrees.

Thursday the first snow could fall

The DWD announces rain again in some places for Wednesday. Towards evening, some easterly relief is possible. The maximum temperatures will reach three to six degrees. There could be some sleet on Thursday. In the evening the weather experts do not rule out a light snowfall. The thermometer shows zero to three degrees.
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