Border crossing to Poland is still possible for Brandenburgers

Border crossing to Poland is still possible for Brandenburgers

Brandenburgers may continue to stay in Poland for up to 24 hours and vice versa without having to go into quarantine afterwards.

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On Tuesday (November 17, 2020), the state government continued to maintain "local border traffic" with the neighboring country, the Ministry of Finance and European Affairs reported on request.
According to the Ministry of Health, there is no need to prove how long the visit to the neighboring country lasted. "We trust in the diligence of the citizens," said its spokesman Gabriel Hesse. Initially, the "Märkische Oderzeitung" (online) had reported on this. For the short trip, the quarantine regulation of the country provides for an exception for up to 72 hours for commuters, transients or visitors of direct relatives or life partners.
Saxony had suspended the scheme. Only those who have a valid reason may enter Saxony without quarantine obligation and only for a maximum of 12 hours from a foreign risk area or stay in the foreign risk area for the same time, the Ministry of Social Affairs announced on Monday evening. This is permitted for professional, social or medical reasons.

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