Warning strikes in clinics and at the city cleaning services (BSR)

Warning strikes in clinics and at the city cleaning services (BSR)

After the kick-off on Monday (19 October 2020) in the large Berlin clinics Charité and Vivantes, the trade union Verdi today calls on further municipal employees to go on a warning strike.

Warnstreiks im öffentlichen Dienst - Berlin

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Due to an all-day work strike at the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR - city cleaning services), all recycling yards will probably remain closed. According to Verdi, garbage collection and parts of the street cleaning will also be on strike. Nursing staff and other employees at Charité and Vivantes are called on to strike for the second day in a row. Several of them want to gather near the Red Town Hall for a rally.

Negotiations on Thursday and Friday

With these actions, the union wants to put pressure on the employers once again shortly before the third round of collective bargaining in the public service of federal and local governments. The negotiations are scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Potsdam.

Salary increase of at least 150 Euro demanded

The trade unions are demanding a wage and salary increase of 4.8 percent, but at least 150 euros more per month for a one-year term of the new collective agreement. The employers have offered a total of 3.5 percent more wages and salaries in three annual stages for the approximately 2.5 million employees nationwide.

In recent weeks there have been repeated warning strikes due to the wage conflict in Berlin, for example at the BSR or in the municipal clinics.

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