Thaiwiese turns into official "Thai streetfood market

Thaiwiese turns into official "Thai streetfood market

The internationally known Thaipark in Berlin gets a new concept.

Frauen verkaufen thailändisches Essen

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The makeshift cookshops in Wilmersdorfer Preußenpark will be transformed into an official "Thai streetfood market". There, authentic Thai food and drinks will be offered from March to October, from Friday to Sunday, at about 60 mobile stands. In addition, a permanent building is to be constructed where, for example, the stands can be stored. According to an announcement, the district office plans to select an operator by the end of 2020.
The market has its origin as a meeting place for Thai Berliners, later it developed into a tourist attraction. The "Tagesspiegel" reported that until the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, more than 100 stalls had often been set up there. The street kitchens, which had only been tolerated for years, were the subject of controversy because of the noise and garbage. A solution had to be found between authorities, annoyed residents, traders and visitors.
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During the construction work in 2021, the market will temporarily continue in the Preußenpark. Normal operation is to begin after the construction of the multifunctional building.

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