Public transport strike announced for Friday

Public transport strike announced for Friday

In Berlin and Brandenburg buses and trains are scheduled to stop on Friday.

Employees of the Berlin public transport company (BVG) go on strike

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Employees of the Berlin public transport company (BVG) go on strike

The warning strike is scheduled to last 24 hours and begins on Friday (October 09, 2020) with the start of operations (3 am) and is also scheduled to end at 3 am on Saturday. In Berlin, all BVG areas are affected: Subway, streetcar and most of the public buses will be at a standstill.

These busses are running in Berlin on Friday despite the BVG strike

106, 112, 140, 161, 163, 168, 175, 179, 184, 234, 275, 284, 334, 341, 349, 363, 369, 370, 371, 380, 399, 740, 744, N12, N23, N34, N35, N39, N40, N52, N53, N56, N58, N60, N61, N62, N67, N68, N69, N77, N84, N88, N90, N91, N95, N97 Lines 218, 283, 395, 398 operate with restrictions. Short term changes are possible.

Eight federal states affected by public transport warning strike

In the wage conflict with the employers in the public transport sector (ÖPNV), the trade union Verdi has extended its call for a warning strike for Friday to these two federal states as well, it announced on Tuesday. This means that eight federal states will be affected this week. The background is the demand of the Verdi Federal Association for a nationwide uniform collective wage agreement for the approximately 87,000 employees in public transport. The Association of Municipal Employers' Associations (VKA) had rejected this again on Tuesday.

Union strives for nationwide regulations

Tariffs for local transport are currently negotiated individually in the 16 federal states. Because the working conditions in the respective regions have therefore developed too far apart from each other in the view of the trade union, the regional regulations are to be supplemented by a nationwide one. The VKA rejects this and continues to see the responsibility for collective wage negotiations with its member associations at state level.
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