"Decadence and dark dreams" shows Belgian symbolism

"Decadence and dark dreams" shows Belgian symbolism

Views into the abyss, morbid fantasies and enigmatic stimuli are the focus of the Berlin exhibition "Decadence and Dark Dreams. Belgian Symbolism".

Ausstellung "Dekadenz und dunkle Träume“"

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A woman looks at the "Jünglingsbrunnen" (1898) by George Minne in the exhibition "Decadence and Dark Dreams".

From Friday (September 18, 2020) to January 17, 2020, the Alte Nationalgalerie will be presenting some 200 works, 180 of which, by far the largest part, are on loan from Belgium.

Special preference for morbid and decadent themes

The works created between 1870 and 1910 show, through portraits, landscape paintings or depictions of interiors, the special predilection for morbid and decadent themes in Belgian Symbolism. The early industrialized country was a hotspot of the avant-garde during this period.

Exhibition wants to raise questions

The exhibition, divided into 13 sections, takes a look at the nature of the artistic movement, raising questions with and in the works rather than providing answers. The highlight among many works by rather unknown artists is the iconic work "Caresses" of a sphinx in a leopard's body with an androgynous youth, which Fernand Khnopff painted in 1896.
Dekadenz und dunkle Träume. Der belgische Symbolismus (1)
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Decadence and Dark Dreams. The Belgian Symbolism

18 September 2020 to 17 January 2021

The exhibition «Decadence and Dark Dreams» in the Alte Nationalgalerie takes a penetrating look at Belgian Symbolism with its predilection for morbid and decadent themes. more

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