Buses from abroad may only stop at the ZOB

Buses from abroad may only stop at the ZOB

Buses coming to Berlin from abroad will in future only stop at the Central Bus Station (ZOB).

Fernbus an einem ZOB

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This was decided by the Berlin Senate on Tuesday (August 11, 2020), according to Culture Senator Klaus Lederer (Linke). Other Intercity bus stops for passengers to get off the bus will no longer exist. "This should serve the purpose of being able to implement the corresponding test regulations in a practicable way", Lederer said in explanation. Holidaymakers from international risk areas will be required to test for the coronavirus on their return to Germany. One of the Berlin test centres is located at the central bus station. "We have a steady increase in new infections in Berlin," said the Senator. "50 percent of new infections are brought in from abroad."
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