E-scooters become more popular again

E-scooters become more popular again

Following the sharp decline in the use of e-scooters during the Corona crisis, rental companies are now seeing increasing interest from their customers again.

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A man on an e-scooter drives past an e-scooter parking lot.

"In the last few weeks and months since the corona-related shutdown, we have seen continuous growth in the number of users as well as the number of trips," Jashar Seyfi, Managing Director of Lime Germany, told the newspapers of Funke Mediengruppe (04 August 2020).
Claus Unterkircher, Managing Director for the German-speaking countries at the Swedish provider Voi, also confirms his competitor's impression: "Usage has risen sharply after Corona and is now at much higher levels than before the crisis and the launch a year ago.
A spokesman for the scooter provider Tier told Funke: "What we have been able to observe in the last few weeks is that the individual rides have also become longer. Especially during the week between 5 pm and 6 pm, there is more driving, "which also indicates an increased use of the scooters by commuters," he said. After last year's hype and exuberant growth, many providers had temporarily stopped their services during the Corona crisis or at least thinned them out.
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