BVG: Most Berliners adhere to compulsory masks

BVG: Most Berliners adhere to compulsory masks

According to the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), most people in buses and trains adhere to the mask obligation.

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The obligation to cover mouth and nose has been accepted by most people said BVG spokeswoman Petra Nelken. The Senate fines and BVG inspections also had an effect. During morning and evening rush hour traffic, one hundred percent of passengers wear a mask. Spread over the whole day, 90 percent of passengers wear masks.

Fines of up to 500 Euro for not wearing a mask

Four weeks ago the red-red-green senate decided to fine those who do not wear masks on public transport. Those who are caught will face a fine of between 50 and 500 euros.

14 penalties since 27 June

Police forces have written 214 reports for not wearing a mouth-nose cover after checks on buses, trams and underground trains between 27 June and 21 July. 114 verbal warnings had been issued.

BVG security personnel admonish up to a thousand times a day

Since 7 July, the BVG has also been controlling the obligation to wear masks. At first it was not known how often 50 Euros were paid for not wearing the mask. The BVG does not keep track of this, said spokeswoman Nelken. Up to a thousand times a day, the security personnel of the BVG talk to passengers without masks. As a rule, the mask is then put on without much resistance.
"The Berliners have understood that others can be helped with the mask," summarized the BVG spokeswoman. The police said that the previous corona checks had shown that many were reasonable.
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