Bomb disposal in Neukölln: Almost 1800 people affected

Bomb disposal in Neukölln: Almost 1800 people affected

A 250 kilogram world war bomb is to be defused in the Neukölln borough of Britz on Monday (20 July 2020). It had been discovered on Friday morning during construction work in the Stellmacherweg.

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    20.07.2020, Berlin: Police forces walk along the Stellmacherweg in Britz. A World War II bomb had been found there. The approximately 250 kilogram dud bomb of British design is now to be defused. Approximately 1750 people have to leave the 500-metre radius barrier.
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According to the police, a barrier circle with a radius of 500 metres is being drawn around the site.

Evacuation measures for about 1750 people from 10 am

The evacuation measures are to begin at about 10 am; about 1750 people would then have to leave their apartments or houses. Experts from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service will then try to defuse the unexploded ordnance of British design.

Eight family homes already cleared since Friday

After the bomb was found on Friday, the inhabitants of eight single-family homes had already had to spend the weekend somewhere else. If necessary, emergency accommodation is available for those affected at the Mitmach-Erlebnis-Circus in Gutschmidtstraße, a non-profit organisation. According to the police spokesman, the residents were informed with flyers about the upcoming bomb defusing and their circumstances.

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