Mohrenstraße: BVG deletes racist term from station names

Mohrenstraße: BVG deletes racist term from station names

After years of debates about the "Mohrenstraße" in Berlin, the racist term for the underground station of the same name is to be dropped.

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    The sign for Mohrenstraße, corner of Friedrichstraße.
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    A sign of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe Gesellschaft (BVG).
In the future, the subway stop Glinkastraße will be named after the Russian composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (1804-1857), as the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) announced on 3 July 2020. The renaming will take a few weeks, but should take place this year, said a spokeswoman for the German Press Agency in Berlin.

U-Bahn station Mohrenstraße becomes U-Bahn station Glinkastraße

"As a cosmopolitan company and one of the largest employers in the capital, BVG rejects any form of racism or other discrimination", the communication stated. "Out of understanding and respect for the sometimes controversial debate about the street name, the BVG has now decided not to use it any longer for the naming of the underground station."

The street could also be renamed

Even the name of the street itself, which presumably goes back to dark-skinned inhabitants once in the area, has been a point of contention for years. Currently, a petition for a renaming of the street is also in progress. The Mitte district is already considering whether the street should be renamed. Because of the desired participation of the neighboring residents, however, there is talk of a longer process.

Subway station was opened in 1908

The station on the U2 line will be called "U-Bahnhof Glinkastraße" in its entirety in future. In doing so, he is following the principle of naming underground stations and stops in such a way that they can be clearly assigned to their location and provide orientation. The underground station, which was opened in 1908, has a long history of naming. Until 1950 it was called Kaiserhof, then in East Berlin until 1986 Thälmannplatz and until 1991 Otto-Grotewohl-Straße. The adjacent Mohrenstraße has been giving the station its name ever since.
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