Rain and thunderstorms in Berlin

Rain and thunderstorms in Berlin

Tuesday starts sunny in Berlin and Brandenburg. From noon on, it is expected to become mostly overcast in the north of Brandenburg, but dry. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the coming days may be warm, but there will be thunderstorms and rain.

Berlin in the rain

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For Wednesday (01. July 2020) the meteorologists announce at times heavy rain during the day in some places, from the afternoon hours on even local heavy thunderstorms. Only from the Elbe-Elster region to Lower Lusatia will it remain mostly dry. The maximum values rise to 23 degrees in the north of Brandenburg and up to 28 degrees on the border with Saxony.
On Thursday the DWD expects a dense cloud cover, in some regions there may be showers - otherwise it will remain mostly dry. Starting in the afternoon, the weather experts do not exclude individual thunderstorms. It will warm up to 22 to 26 degrees. Friday should be clear to cloudy and dry. Temperatures will be around 23 degrees.
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