Despite the fine: Many Berliners on the road without mouth and nose protection

Despite the fine: Many Berliners on the road without mouth and nose protection

If the impression is not deceptive, many people in Berlin are still travelling in underground and suburban trains or buses without mouth and nose protection - even though this has been punished by a fine since Saturday.

Passengers sitting in a subway

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Passengers sitting in a subway

Exact figures on violations were not available on Sunday (28 June 2020), as a police spokesman said on Sunday in response to a dpa inquiry. Only the total number of violations of the Containment Ordinance was recorded. More concrete information could at best be provided by the public order offices that imposed the fine next week.

Masks are also compulsory at railway stations

In fact, however, there are always people who do not wear a mask as prescribed - not on public transport, not in shops, not in restaurants, the speaker noted. On Saturday morning, for example, only three out of about 20 people waiting at the Rüdesheimer Platz underground station used a mouth and nose protector. On the train, it was estimated that two thirds of them did, according to a dpa reporter.
The situation was only slightly better, for example, in the S-Bahn on the route Hauptbahnhof - Tiergarten, where an estimated 80 percent wore a mask. Significantly fewer were in the evening between the stations Tempelhof and Südkreuz of the Ringbahn. No controls were observed at any time.

Fines from 50 to 500 Euro for disregarding the mask obligation in Berlin

Because recently more and more passengers were not wearing mouth and nose protection against corona infections, the senate had decided on Tuesday to impose the sanction: Violations of the mask requirement, which has been in force since the end of April, can result in a fine of 50 to 500 euros. The police announced controls, among other things in the course of the joint patrols with the BVG, which are practiced anyway.
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