Fewer stolen bikes in Berlin

Fewer stolen bikes in Berlin

The number of bicycle thefts has decreased in Berlin and Brandenburg in recent years. According to an evaluation of police crime statistics by the German government, the number of cases in Berlin fell from around 31,600 in 2015 to around 28,000 last year (minus 11 percent).


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In Brandenburg, according to the figures, around 12 000 bicycles were stolen in 2019, while in 2015 the figure was still around 14 700 (down 18 per cent). The number of stolen bicycles throughout Germany fell by around 17 percent between 2015 and 2019. According to the figures, 271,500 bikes were stolen nationwide last year; in 2015 the figure was still 328,854.
In Saxony-Anhalt, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, the decline in theft was reported to be strongest at around 30 percent. The only state with an increase in stolen bicycles was Saxony. While 19,077 bicycles were still reported as stolen in the Free State in 2015, the figure was 20,551 in 2019.
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