First solar boat for river cruises in Berlin

First solar boat for river cruises in Berlin

Berliners and tourists will be able to travel across the Spree and Landwehrkanal this summer with a new low-emission passenger ship.

Schiffstaufe SunCat 120 (2)

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11.06.2020, Berlin: The SunCat 120, the first purely solar-electric powered passenger ship for scheduled and charter traffic on Berlin's waters.

When the Coronavirus is not paralysing Berlin, numerous steamers and ships travel the waterways of the capital every day. Starting this summer, tourists and Berliners will be able to use the first purely solar-electric passenger ship on Berlin's waters. Ramona Pop (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Berlin's Senator for Economics, christened the solar ship for scheduled and charter traffic the SunCat 120 on 11 June 2020. SolarCircleLine GmbH is thus starting the step-by-step development of a new passenger fleet that relies exclusively on environmentally friendly energy resources. After weeks of a compulsory corona break the first passenger ships have been sailing through the city again since mid-May.
Spree im Herbst
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