Tegel airport likely to be temporarily closed

Tegel airport likely to be temporarily closed

In the Corona crisis, the most important airport in the German capital is likely to go off the grid: Tegel Airport may be temporarily shut down on 15 June 2020.

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    Closed shops, hardly any passengers: Because air traffic is largely paralysed by the Corona crisis, Tegel Airport is allowed to close for two months from mid-June.
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    The deserted main hall of Tegel Airport.
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    View into Terminal C at Tegel Airport.
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    The main hall in Terminal A at Tegel Airport is deserted.
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    The street in front of the entrance to Tegel Airport.
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    Peace and emptiness prevail at Tegel Airport.
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    View of the popular airport Tegel.
This was decided by the federal government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg in a meeting of shareholders, as a spokeswoman for the Berlin Senate Department of Finance said.

Application to the aviation authority has already been submitted

If passenger numbers do not recover significantly in the next few weeks, the airport will take a two-month break in operations. Following a similar pattern, Paris had closed its Orly airport on 1 April and transferred flights to Charles de Gaulle airport.

2019: 24 million passengers at Tegel Airport

As a result of the crisis, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport Company has to contend with a loss of income in the three-digit million range. Berlin's Tegel airport, which is close to the city centre, was the fourth largest German airport after Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf with more than 24 million passengers last year. Schönefeld on the south-eastern city border in Brandenburg is smaller, with a good eleven million passengers. Most recently, only about 2000 passengers per day flew at the Berlin airports Tegel and Schoenefeld. The main check-in building in Tegel has been closed since mid-March, passengers only check in at the secondary terminal C. The situation is similar in Schoenefeld.

Airport boss sceptical about reopening Tegel

Tegel is scheduled to go off the grid permanently at the end of the year anyway. After several cancelled dates, it is planned that the new capital airport BER will open on 31 October and that the last plane will take off from Tegel on 8 November. Airport boss Engelbert Lütke Daldrup had recently expressed his scepticism that Tegel could go back to normal again after the temporary closure.

Tegel airport loved by Berliners

The closure of Tegel will relieve several hundred thousand Berliners of aircraft noise. But the airport also has many friends because of its proximity to the city centre and the short distances in the terminals. In a referendum in 2017, a majority voted to continue operating the airport parallel to BER. However, the vote has no legal force.
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Government terminal in Schönefeld not yet completed

At the end of March, the federal government had still enforced that Tegel should remain open. The infrastructure was to remain flexibly available precisely because of the Corona crisis, it was said. The federal government also had reservations because the new government terminal in Schönefeld was not yet ready for operation. In the past few days, however, a compromise had become apparent.

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