Appeal to the restaurants: Data collection for contact tracking

Appeal to the restaurants: Data collection for contact tracking

For some time now, the Berlin Senate has been urgently recommending that restaurants opening on Fridays register visitors and make it possible to trace contacts - now the data protection commissioner of the capital has put the proposals into concrete terms.

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    There is a sign with the words "Please disinfect" on the terrace of a restaurant
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    A data acquisition sheet in a restaurant in Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia).
Accordingly, the required data includes the name, telephone number and the period of stay of the guests. It must be ensured that customers do not see the details of other guests.

After expiry of the retention period, data must be destroyed

"For example, the data should be recorded on a separate sheet for each person", the authority stated upon request. "The sheets must be stored securely and securely destroyed on the exact day after the retention period expires." This would have to be done by means of a shredder, for example. "Tearing them up is not permitted."

Urgent recommendation, but not mandatory customer registration for restaurants

The information must be kept for four weeks. In the event of infection, operators should pass it on to the authorities so that they can trace the chains of contact through the lists. Despite the urgent recommendation, there is no obligation for Restaurants to collect the data. They are also free to decide how exactly they want to store the data, for example digitally via a reservation system or via lists displayed at the entrance.
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