High doctor density in Berlin: many older doctors

High doctor density in Berlin: many older doctors

Berlin is one of the federal states with the highest density of doctors. Nearly 284 doctors and psychotherapists in private practice provide care for an average of 100,000 inhabitants, according to data from the Federal Register of Physicians (as of the end of 2019), which the German Press Agency has evaluated.

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A female doctor holds a stethoscope in her hands.

In a nationwide comparison, Bremen comes off best with an average of around 301 doctors. At the same time, both cities also have the oldest doctors: the average age in each case is 55 years. The proportion of over 65-year-olds: 15 percent.
Berlin is also one of the frontrunners among general practitioners. With around 72 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants, the figure in the capital is only slightly lower than that of Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (around 73 each). The supply of paediatricians is somewhat worse. In Berlin there are on average about 11 pediatricians for every 100,000 inhabitants. The front-runner Bremen has about 14.

Source: dpa

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