Senate plans to extend quarantine for inbound travelers

Senate plans to extend quarantine for inbound travelers

Following the quarantine obligation for air travellers, such an obligation should now also apply to people coming to Berlin by land from abroad.

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The Senate wants to implement the regulation, which the Corona crisis cabinet had decided on Monday (6 April 2020) nationwide, in state law at a special session this Thursday (9 April). The regulation for the containment of the coronavirus will be supplemented accordingly, said the Interior and Health Administration on Wednesday.

Provisions for returnees by air

Berliners arriving in the capital via Tegel and Schoenefeld airports have been obliged to maintain a 14-day domestic quarantine since 3 April. They are also required to report to the health authorities. Violations, such as failure to comply with the quarantine, are subject to a fine of up to 2500 euros.

Exceptions before domestic quarantine in certain cases

However, there are exceptions, for example for diplomats or people who want to stay in Berlin for professional reasons. These exceptions will now also apply to people who come to Berlin from other countries by car or train - if they do not show any corona symptoms. These can be construction workers or nursing staff. However, due to restrictions in Germany's neighboring countries, these people are also hardly allowed to enter the country at present.
The quarantine obligation is likely to primarily affect Germans and foreigners who live permanently in Berlin and are still abroad. A retrieval campaign launched by the German government about three weeks ago for Germans all over the world who are willing to return has not yet been completed.

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