More than 110,000 dogs registered in Berlin

More than 110,000 dogs registered in Berlin

More and more dogs live in Berlin. More than 110,000 animals were registered for tax purposes in the capital in 2019, according to an answer from the tax authorities to a request of a CDU member of parliament.

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    A mixed-breed puppy at the animal shelter in Berlin
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    Two dogs running
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    Maggy, Pink and Bolle (from left to right) romp peacefully on the open-air grounds of Hunde Insel in the Berlin district of Mahlsdorf.
In 2018 there were just under 108,000 dogs. Accordingly, the income from dog tax rose from more than 11.7 million to around 12 million euros.
In Berlin dog owners must register their animals with the tax office. The first dog costs 120 Euros per year, each additional 180 Euros. Guide dogs for the blind are among the exceptions. Whether all dogs are really registered is questionable. The tax authorities consider the measures for controlling the registration of animals to be sufficient. Last year, more than 30,000 euros in taxes were collected through controls.

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