Still no cases of coronavirus in Berlin

Still no cases of coronavirus in Berlin

Even after the coronavirus outbreak in Italy no cases have been detected in Berlin so far. This was announced by the spokeswoman of the Senate Health Administration, Lena Högemann, on February 24, 2020.

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A laboratory assistant sorts samples at the Institute for Virology at the Charite Berlin Mitte, where research on the coronavirus is underway.

She also pointed out, however, that for travellers within Europe, entry to the capital city was "difficult to monitor effectively because of the many different routes and means of transport". In principle, she said, positively tested cases could be isolated and treated in any clinic.
Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had said on Monday that one must expect the coronavirus epidemic to spread in Germany. The situation indicates that the virus is spreading in the form of a worldwide pandemic.
As Högemann explained, people living in Berlin who are not positive and not ill would be isolated at home if necessary - as in the case of the German cruise ship returnees from Sunday. Should the country "find itself in the situation of having to quarantine a group of people", the health administration "is preparing for this setting in various possible places". No details were given.
It also remained open whether another isolation area would be set up on the premises of the DRK clinics in Köpenick. The decision to accommodate the 20 Wuhan returnees on that site had been made by the Federal Ministry of Health and the German Red Cross, it was said. After the end of the two-week quarantine, the German Red Cross had spoken of an enormous burden for all concerned. A total of 165 DRK helpers from all over Germany were involved. All tests for the pathogen Sars CoV-2 were negative.
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