«Monet. Places.» Barberini shows large Monet exhibition

«Monet. Places.» Barberini shows large Monet exhibition

In its new exhibition, the Barberini Museum in Potsdam explores places that inspired the French painter Claude Monet (1840-1926).

Pk zur Ausstellung "Monet.Orte" im Museum Barberini

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Exhibition «Monet. Places.» at the Museum Barberini.

Until 1 June 2020, the exhibition «Monet. Places.» will be on show with 110 works by the impressionist - from his very first documented work at the age of 16 to his water lily pictures in his garden at Giverny, as the museum announced on Thursday. The show is the largest Monet exhibition ever to have taken place in Germany, said museum director Ortrud Westheider at the presentation of the show.
Over three floors, the Museum Barberini shows pictures by the impressionist painter, sorted according to the places he visited and which inspired his works. "What is always striking about Monet in his very extensive correspondence is that he always writes about the fact that he has to first develop, explore a landscape," said curator Daniel Zamani.
Among the paintings that visitors can view in the museum are series such as the Water Lily Pond in Giverny or the Waterloo Bridge, which Monet portrayed 41 times during his visits to London, according to curator Zamani. The changeable weather in London drove Monet, who was interested in the representation of color and light in his works, to despair, said Zamani. If you just look away for a moment, the view is already quite different, the painter said about the city.
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Monet. Places

From February 2020, visitors can admire works by the French impressionist Claude Monet in the Barberini Museum. more

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